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The Team for Developing Your Ideal Unreal/Unity Game

Unreal Developers

Experts who are competent and confident in using the Unreal Engine to achieve maximum results in your project, from implementing character design and game levels on the engine to creating competitive gameplay. Strong knowledge of the Unreal Engine allows our game developers to develop or port games on different platforms: mobile, web, PC, etc.

Unity Developers

Specialists with experience developing games on Unity can realize the full potential of this technology. Our Unity developers with an impressive and varied skill set will fulfill all your gaming needs. A game can be developed by one person or a group of developers. Everything is individual and assessed separately in each project. Thanks to a customized approach, our Unity development services are implemented as efficiently as possible for all clients.



Game Designer

Our game designer designs your game’s core loop, story, levels, and economy, ensures game balance, and collaborates with other departments to translate design ideas into actionable production steps.

Game Artist

The artists in our game development team shape your game’s visual signature and design UI/UX and concept art according to platform limitations, genre conventions, and audience analysis.

Game Developer

GBX Studios programmers are masters of the latest game engines & implement core game features, develop algorithms, and fix bugs, to make your game run at optimized performance right from runtime.

Game Producer

Our game producer manages end-to-end game development across all departments, oversees the development, and aligns production with your vision to guarantee successful project completion.

Building a Unreal/Unity game development workflow is not easy to tackle, it is complicated with different obstacles, should it be code flaws or concept gaps. Yet, there is a standard set of development stages necessary for successful game production and launch.

Pre-development and scoping. Integral steps include concept creation, which is defining the idea, drawing a storyboard, ascribing core features to a game environment, characters, special effects. The main logic of the game must be set up before it falls into a development stage. An end product of this stage is a complete prototype of a future game.

Development stage. Unreal/Unity game content can be generated on different operational systems so that the development workflow will be split into work steps accordingly. They might as well include language scripting, developing necessary Unreal/Unity features, UI and UX design and QA testing.

Release. This stage involves working with focus groups and testing a game so to say on the field before an actual release. The performance is analyzed together with user behavior. Thus, if any flaws are spotted, it is thrown back to the development stage for further improvement. In case, when received results are positive, the game will see the world.